Enemy UsageEdit

Enemies obviously need some big gun, so they use an MG-42, but if it weren't worse enough, it has to be attached way up in a tower. MG-42 towers are all over the map, usually overlooking a point of interest however. Commonly it will be in a suspicion zone, but sometimes it will not. The tower is always accompanied by a Wehrmacht soldier, never is the turret una
Nazi mg

MG Gunner

ttended. The soldier on the MG usually has the same unique look, he has some badge on his helmets front unlike average soldiers.

Easy TacticEdit

These are very simple to hijack out of nazi control, climbing up the tower is the first step, the nazi will always be stationed on the MG, he will not get out of it unless disturbed, if even touched he will jump up and attempt to blow his whistle. But if you thought your plan out enough, you should have killed him way before this happened. Now you are left with the MG-42 to yourself, fun to use for any roleplaying fun.

Rate- Nutin' to worry about!Edit

Power- 3/5- This is really helpful for any situation involving large amounts of soldiers, terror squads, and armored vehicles, however; the nazis don't know how to use it correctly most of the time.

Protection- 1/5- It is still just a small tower, one rocket could easily bring this down and kill you, same for them, a stick of dynamite or about 3-4 grenades would destroy it.

Mg-42 nest view

Turret view of the tower