What this bastard doesEdit

The nazi plane is the second and final aircraft that can attack you in this game,it arrives at Alarm 5. Its purpose is mostly to pin you down with strafing runs. The plane combined with the Zeppelin make surviving at this point very difficult. The plane will continue to Strafing run until destroyed, which will add a 2 minute respawn for the next plane.
Nazi Plane

Rare catch of a plane incoming

Rate- Son of a bitch!Edit

Power- 3/5- I don't think the plane is much of a problem with strafing runs, most of the time, whn your in a vehicle it will tear it apart quickly however.

Armor- 1/5- It can be only destroyed by explosives if you haven't guessed, but it is actually simple to destroy with any type of artillery.

Deadly- 5/5- Despite just being quick round of strafing runs, it will destroy vehicles at ease, so that combined with the zeppelin, terror squads, and tanks, your screwed over.