What this bastards aboutEdit

The Wehrmacht soldier is the soldiers of Germany, usually seen using the well known Karabiner rifle. These are the backbone of the army, thousands of soldiers, these soldiers can be seen anywhere in the game that has nazi territory. These soldiers are usually deployed in the Stermwagen and ride ZP750's around the map. However they are all pushovers that can be killed by the simplest of attacks.
Wehrmacht soldier

Rate- Nutin' to worry about!Edit

Power- 1/5- they randomly take long pauses between firing and miss quite often, you could almost truthly say that if one were attacking you and none else, it would take a while for you to die.

Health- 1/5- At times all you need to do is punch one three times and they will die, and sometimes leg shots with pistols kill them instantly (besides Silenced Pistol)

Weapons- 2/5- They use carbines and MP-40's usually, but mostly just carbines, which they miss with usually.